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How The PROJCT Continues Building a Fit Community From Home

Three years ago, Jordan Jeske was a personal trainer, contracting space from a gym which abruptly closed its doors, leaving him with a life-altering decision: go work at another gym, or finally execute on his own vision? Out of necessity, The PROJCT was born. Jeske wanted to make an impact beyond the walls of the studio, and be more than “just another gym.”

Two years later, The PROJCT is a thriving fitness community. What began as individual and small group training in 1400 sq ft of space has evolved into over 20 classes per week in a 2900 sq ft expansion. Yet the growth of physical space is a shadow of what they have accomplished in the community, growing their online reach with consistent, strategic use of social media and deep value-based messaging.

Progress Over Perfection

Mantras-turned-murals like these have endeared The PROJCT to a rapidly growing and diverse community of fitness seekers. Building an inclusive space for people of all fitness levels, with relentless cheerleading of participants, has solidified their mission to challenge what people think is possible, and shift perspectives while getting stronger and more confident in the gym.

Fast-forward to March 2020, and Jeske watched all of that momentum run helplessly into the immovable force of the COVID-19 pandemic. Within 2 days of simply revising sanitary policies, the team was faced with the immediacy of closures. The vision for a fitness community reaching beyond the walls of a gym was being put to the extreme test, and so The PROJCT responded, out of necessity.

We asked Jeske how he is learning to continue training under the rule of social distancing.

What are you doing to remain “open for business”?

We are providing a lot of free home-based workout ideas on Instagram and Facebook, and have created a Facebook group to help keep the community connected and supporting each other.

How have you been forced to innovate?

Luckily we have always focused on building our online community so we are working hard to build that side of the business. This has forced us to get creative and find ways of supporting our community but also still pay our bills. We don’t get paid unless we are training. We have created an online 30 day challenge to help those that really want structure and routine in their lives.

How has this helped you connect with your community more?

It has allowed us to slow down a bit. Reset and restructure our focus. Everything we do is a collaboration between each other, working to improve upon or create something new. Doing LIVE workouts gives us that feel of still being together and it has been fun to see everyone engage with each other.

Find The PROJCT community on social media to get connected, and get in on the next Challenge series:




Jordan Jeske, YEGFitness Top Personal Trainer 2018, 2019

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